Njemu AA

Njemu Estate is named after the founder’s sons Njeru and Muchiri. It was founded in 1998 by Simon Nyaga and his wife Irene Nyaga. The couple had a vision of changing the way coffee farming was viewed and practiced. The previous perception was that coffee farmers were an uneducated, financially struggling people. The couple knew that with improve quality and proper farm management, this perception would change.  Simon is the estate director and is a man with passion for what he does. This is evident on a close visit to the farm. Production time tables such as manure application and spraying are strictly adhered. His passion for farming started at early age as he would accompany his father to the farm in the early 1960s. Having lost his mother at an early age and being the eldest son, he was tasked with supporting his father to take care of his eight younger siblings. In the 1980s he was handed over his family coffee farm to help in its management. He was successful in this undertaking and ensured all his siblings attained college education. Simon’s passion for agriculture made him pursue a diploma in Agriculture Economics and a later joined Cranfield University in the UK for a on a course in Plantation Management.  Irene is the co-director. Her father was a coffee farmer. Over the years she’s been in charge of human resources and as the estate expanded she resigned her job to support the estate development. Over the years the estate has expanded from 2,500 coffee trees to the current 8,000 coffee trees. The distribution is 4,000 SL28, 3,300 Ruiru11 and 700 Batian coffee trees. Njemu Estate has established itself and a producer of exemplary coffee.

Sourced By Passport Coffee Source

Weight 12 oz





Rumukia Farmer Co-Operative Society


SL28, Ruiru11, Batian



Tasting Notes:

Black Currant, Citrus, Concord Grape

Whole Bean / 12oz.